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"They made such a difference to our teaching year. And it's great PD as well! I've used the content from their improvisation workshop 20 times since." - Trinity Bay College

Tap into the expertise of our exceptional musicians! The Instrumental Program offers workshops that deliver on Australian Curriculum requirements (and more!) in the areas of performance and improvisation. In consultation with schools, Topology’s artists can work individually or as a group, from one-hour sessions to half/whole days, or a series of workshops over a school term or longer. Programs are highly tailored to suit individual school needs, so teachers are encouraged to discuss their options with our team to get the most out of their Instrumental Program.

If you are interested in an Instrumental Program, register your interest here.

Topology has a diverse pool of music educators to instruct and inspire your students, including (but not limited to):

  • John Babbage (saxophone)
  • Salliana Campbell (multi-instrumentalist)
  • Dr Grant Collins (drums)
  • Robert Davidson (bass)
  • Christian Gante (piano)
  • Louise King (cello)
  • Kathryn McKee (cello)
  • Therese Milanovic (piano)
  • Lucas Montgomery (guitar)
  • Christa Powell (violin)
  • Sonia Wilson (violin)

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What’s in an Instrumental Program?

Program Objective: The goal is to engage students in composition or songwriting, with Topology’s artists guiding them through the creative process, building on their compositions with each visit through fun and insightful activities.

Creative Workshops & Performances: Single or multiple sessions with one or more TCA artists can be arranged. Where possible, the program may culminate in a public performance showcasing the students’ new instrumental skills.

If you or your school are interested in an Instrumental Program, register your interest below or discuss your options with our team at 07 3300 1222.

Expression of Interest

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