Step into the playground of seven spellbound sonic explorers for some serious play. Two of Australia’s most adventurous ensembles, Clocked Out and Topology, have teamed up for an album, brought to you live in all its ecstatic, quirky, childlike wonder. Toy instruments and found objects create off-kilter grooves accompanied by lush orchestrations of strings, piano and saxophone, alternating with bittersweet inner journeys. This is music that’s more like a landscape than a story – you’ll find yourself transported to different places by John Babbage’s “Dance of the Pleiades”, Erik Griswold’s “Ecstatic Descent”, Robert Davidson’s “Above Ground” and many more. Lose yourself in some of the freshest new music being made today.


1-3. Summer of Wisteria (Erik Griswold)

4. Tourbillon (John Babbage)

5. Dance of the Pleaides (John Babbage)

6. From Small Things Grow (Erik Griswold)

7. You Gao (Erik Griswold)

8-10. Level Crossing (John Babbage)

11-13. Above Ground (Robert Davidson)

14. One Day Gavin Stomach (Bernard Hoey)

15. Ecstatic Descent (Erik Griswold)

$20 Each