“Intriguing and adventurous, Future Tense is a refreshing, thought-provoking example of new music composed by Robert Davidson, saxophonist John Babbage and electronica artist Ian Thompson.” RealTime 2005


Cross-genre collaborative concert between Topology and electronic rock band Full Fathom Five, exploring possibilities in live visualisation of music and cross-genre collaborations. The music was largely formed in the context of the Iraq conflict and the “war on terror” of the early 2000s, with reference to war practices, treatment of prisoners-of-war and terror suspects.


  1. OutInOut
  2. FF5-1
  3. Killing Music
  4. Going Equipped
  5. Between Stations
  6. John Brown
  7. Stress Positions
  8. 5 Minutes From Machine
  9. Bad People Have Parties Too
  10. The Mystical Forms of War
  11. Spiral Coda

$20 Each