“Healthy marks a collaboration full of vitality, vibrancy and the desire for new beginnings. Chronicling significant life stages, it is at times introspective, encompassing complex interludes and the bittersweet, culminating in a celebration that captures the chiaroscuro of change.” Media Culture Journal


Topology combine with energetic contemporary jazz trio Trichotomy in the creation of a fascinating blend of sounds and styles. The combination is unique – two double basses, two pianos, drum kit, strings and saxophone. With both groups highly interested in the intricacies of rhythmic interaction, and the meeting of composition with improvisation the match is electric. Expect sounds involving contemporary classical music, jazz, avant garde pop, and free improvisations. All with a healthy dose of humour, fun and virtuosity and the music unlike what you’ve heard before.


  1. Generations (John Babbage)
  2. That Which IS Fleeting (Sean Foran)
  3. Clapping Music (Steve Reich, Sean Foran)
  4. Mean (John Parker)
  5. Intro to a Healthy Lifestyle v3 (John Parker)
  6. Healthy Lifestyle (John Parker)
  7. A New Beginning (Sean Foran)
  8. Round Roads (Robert Davidson)
  9. Lost At Sea (John Babbage)

$20 Each