“An emotional landscape of symphonic proportions.” EastSide FM

“With an almost seamless sweep, multiple musical layers and traditions unfold and reveal themselves apace but with poignancy and pathos. An evolving narrative delights and holds you in its thrall in possibly the quintet’s most dynamic piece.” M/C Reviews

This is a single, continuous one-hour piece comprising strings, piano, saxophone and electronics. A release 4 years in the making, Ten Hands brings together the creative minds of all 5 of Topology’s artists. Each piece flows continuously into the next creating an epic 1-hour journey.

This sixty-minute collaborative composition is groundbreaking in several regards. Firstly, its creative process is highly innovative in its combining of approaches from multiple music genres, including individual score-based composing drawn from Western art music, collective improvisation common in jazz and rock music, collection of a great deal of “raw material” through recording improvisations, then edited in the manner of documentary film making, electronic manipulation in the manner of electronic dance music and electroacoustic music and other approaches. The work challenges genre boundaries (both in its musical characteristics and creative processes), boundaries between roles of composer and performer in contemporary art music, and those between improvisation and set composition.


“The album is dynamic, provocative and cinematic, combining triumphant, delicate and emotive performance to create a magnificent example in truly adventurous Australian music.” 106.7FM

$20 Each