“Simultaneously quite serious, quite moving and absolutely hilarious” – James Morrison

Prime Ministerial speeches set to music. Topology and The Australian Voices bring iconic speeches and exceptional musicianship together to celebrate pivotal moments in Australian history. Composed by Topology’s masterminds Robert Davidson and John Babbage, plus musical powerhouse Gordon Hamilton, the album traverses pivotal moments that have shaped our nation. ‘The Singing Politician’ takes the words right out of our Prime Ministers’ mouths, from Robert Menzies to Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser to Paul Keating, Bob Hawke to Tony Abbott.


“This is a balanced work of restraint with the words of the oratory being easily overlayed by the musical and choral work so that no one element ever threatens to outshine the other.” Blue Curtains Brisbane


  1. Nope, Nope, Nope! (Tony Abbott, 21 May 2015)
  2. Melancholy Duty (Robert Menzies, 3 September 1939)
  3. Dark Hour (Billy Hughes, 17 March 1916)
  4. One Thing Remains (John Curtin, 8 December 1941)
  5. We Will Rise (James Scullin, 1931)
  6. I Lie Sent Men To Ease (Malcolm Fraser, 20 July 1971)
  7. The Dismissal (Gough Whitlam, Paul Keating, 11 November 1975; John Kerr, 1976)
  8. Remembrance Day (Bob Hawke, 11 November 1975)
  9. The Reward For Public Life (Noel Pearson, 5 November 2014)
  10. Persistence (John Howard, 19 February 1996)
  11. We Took The Children From Their Mothers (Paul Keating, 10 December 1992)
  12. A Stain On Our Souls (Tony Abbott, 12 February 2014)
  13. Not Now! Not Ever! (Julia Gillard, 10 October 2012)
  14. Unrepresentative Swill (Various Political Speeches)
  15. We Apologise (Kevin Rudd, 13 February 2008)

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