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12 October 2021

From 14 October, Topology launches their 2022 Top Up Creative Programs by supporting the campaign to collect a million virtual apples to thank teachers across Australia at

Topology believes that anyone – no matter where they live, what age, skill level or artistic genre interests – should have access to quality, affordable arts-based education and experiences.

Teachers have ensured education continues across this year, despite major challenges, reinforcing the significant role teachers play in the lives of children and students, their families, and communities.

"Our vision is that Topology's Top Up Creative Programs for Schools will increase our capacity to support teachers throughout Queensland." - Christa Powell, Creative Director


Topology’s Creative Programs work with the natural creativity that exists in all of us. By stimulating the imagination, Topology offers opportunities to nurture and extend creative thinking and infinite possibilities for expression.

The workshops offered as part of Topology’s Creative Programs explore concepts like Improvisation, Generating Musical Ideas, Rhythm, Harmony, Arrangement and Orchestration through activities that are tailored to suit the level of experience of each classroom.

Typically, programs consist of 3-8 sessions with one or more of Topology’s pool of expert artists, delivered on a weekly basis in consultation with teachers. Ideally, the program culminates in a public performance showcasing the students’ original works.

Interested in having Topology run a Top Up Creative Program in your school, or would like some more information? Submit an EOI form or read more via the buttons below.