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Topology is an internationally renowned, award-winning arts organisation. We are leaders in the defining aspects of creativity and collaborate across style and art form boundaries. Topology believes that everyone has the power to be creative and supports this through our Creative Academy and Growing Creative Communities programs.

Topology is built across three tiers

Topology the band

With a legacy in the contemporary arts scene, Topology has been influential in the global music landscape and has had a major impact on music culture. Our band members are Christa Powell, John Babbage, Therese Milanovic, Bernard Hoey, Robert Davidson.
Brisbane Musicians


Topology Creative Academy 

Topology’s creative programs enrich the artistic journeys of thousands of people around Australia each year. Topology’s Creative Academy is. inclusive and collaborative, supporting emerging musicians, artists, songwriters, and composers of all ages and backgrounds to explore creativity.

School camp


Topology Growing Creative Communities 

Topology provides a cultural link between regional communities and high-quality arts events, creative activities and experienced artists and performers. Topology is able to do this through creative consulting, creative workshops, bootcamps and special projects. Topology is committed to supporting regional artists to realise their creative potential and to increase the social capacity of regional communities. Topology works with communities to establish Creative Regional Hubs and delivers a range of programs including Creative Consulting, creative workshops and the delivery of customised Topology Creative Academy programs for regional communities.

creative communities

Topology’s Vision

As ambassadors for creativity, we excel in creating original music, connecting artists through collaboration, and inspiring communities through shared musical adventures.

Topology’s Mission

Everyone is creative. Topology’s mission is to unleash this creativity. We foster connections and nurture potential with communities, audiences, peers, and young people through exceptional performances, surprising collaborations, captivating compositions and an award-winning education program.

Core Values

AUTHENTICITY: Our expression flows from a genuine, original reflection on our experiences.

INCLUSIVITY: Our work invites participation from all individuals and communities, without constraint or compromise.

ADVENTUROUSNESS: We stimulate new ways of seeing the world and imagine new possibilities through collaboration.

EXCELLENCE: We continuously strive for excellence and virtuosity in each new work and performance.