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With a well-established reputation for their signature work, Topology experiments with surprising combinations of genres, theatrical staging and cross art form collaboration to create thought-provoking music experiences for audiences of all ages, backgrounds and tastes. Resident Artist at Brisbane Powerhouse for 18 years, Topology has an extensive discography, produced countless evening-length works, presented an award-winning concert series, and toured extensively nationally and internationally.

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The TCA (formerly known as Top Up) enriches the musical journeys of thousands of young people and communities around Australia each year. State Award Winner for Excellence in Music Education at the APRA Art Music Awards the TCA has brought together world-class professionals and young musicians to experiment, create and perform for over 20 years.

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Through Growing Creative Communities, Topology provides a cultural link between regional communities and high-quality arts events, creative activities and experienced performers. In each community we collaborate with enthusiastic teachers, artists, community groups and local Councils with a goal to support each community with learning, growing and up-skilling opportunities through Regional Hubs, Creative Consulting and Creative Workshops.

Learn more about Topology’s Growing Creative Communities initiative here.