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Creative Bootcamps are intensive programs offering emerging musicians the rare opportunity to unleash their creative potential through inspiring, integrated and industry relevant training. Through hands-on group workshops and one-on-one tutorials with Topology’s pool of published composers and virtuoso musicians, each participant will be guided through the process of composing a new original work. The program culminates in a recording or performance of all participants’ works created throughout the week. At Creative Bootcamp participants have the opportunity to:

  • Enhance creative skills
  • Collaborate and perform with professional artists
  • Gain practical industry knowledge


Backstage Bootcamp is a tailor-made program that offers participants training and learning experiences in the areas of sound, lighting, and stage management. Participants work with Topology’s Technical Team to gain skills and to support performing arts events and activities. Each Backstage Boot Camp is designed to suit the needs of the community and/or the local community event.

If you’re interested in participating in a Creative Bootcamp or a Backstage Bootcamp, enquire with one of our Topology team members for more information.

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