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The Regional Creative Hubs are aimed to provide a service-delivery model to support and upskill Queensland rural creative practitioners or community arts organisations. It is also envisaged that the Regional Creative Hubs will have strong working relationships with other local community services – for example, halls/rooms, children’s services, disability networks, schools and other ‘non arts’ community organisations

What is a creative hub?

A creative hub is a place, either physical or virtual, which brings creative people together. It is a convenor, providing space and support for networking, business development and community engagement within the creative and cultural centres.

Creative Hubs can be in varied forms from physical creative spaces to special events and activities or a simple online community. These hubs however all share a commitment to support sustainable and resilient communities.


StudioSmall collective of individuals and/or small businesses in a co-working space.

CentrePhysical space or building which may have other assets such as a cafe, bar, cinema, maker space, shop, exhibition space.

Network – Dispersed group of individuals or businesses – tends to be sector or place specific.

ClusterCo-located creative individuals and businesses in a geographic area.

Online PlatformUses only online methods – website/social media to engage with a dispersed audience.

Special events/projects – Community driven events