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"I learned that little people like us can write songs too." - Wagaman Primary School
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Topology believes that EVERYONE is creative, and that cultivating creative thinking should start in the classroom. This is why we are passionate about music education and love making new music with young people.

Unique to the Topology Creative Academy, the Top Up Creative Program encourages young people to write and perform their own music. It consists of a series of composition and songwriting workshops delivered by Topology’s artists who guide the students every step of the way. By the end of the program students will have experienced a complete and immersive creative process and have a new piece of music they can call their own. Where possible, this program culminates in a performance in the host community or school.

If you or your school are interested in a Creative Program, submit an EOI below.

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What’s in a Creative Program?

Program Objective: The goal is to engage students in composition or songwriting, with Topology’s artists guiding them through the creative process, building on their compositions with each visit through fun and insightful activities.

Creative Workshops: 3-8 sessions with one or more of Topology’s artists, typically delivered on a weekly basis in consultation with teachers.

Topics: The workshops explore concepts like Improvisation, Generating Musical Ideas, Rhythm, Harmony, Arrangement and Orchestration through activities that are tailored to suit the level of experience of each classroom.

Performance Outcome: Where possible, the program culminates in a public performance showcasing the students’ original works.

If you or your school are interested in a Creative Program, submit an EOI below or discuss your options with our team at 07 3300 1222.

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"Giving them a chance to realise their creative potential and perform music written by their peers was a lovely thing to see." - Tully State High School


Every year, Topology:

  • delivers an average of 260 workshops in schools
  • works with over 3,000 student participants
  • creates over 100 new compositions with students
  • showcases new work through public performances in communities and schools
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The Mount Isa Street Party (celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the community’s Rodeo) was the grand performance outcome of an extensive 18-month Creative Program delivered to five schools in Mount Isa. Topology composer and educator John Babbage worked with 140 students to create 11 new compositions which was performed live alongside Topology and the local Bandana Community Jazz Band.

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Over the course of 4 months, Topology collaborated with 136 young musicians from Windsor State School to create a song celebrating the school’s 150th anniversary.

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Top Up Tully was a 5-month Creative Program with a cluster of ten schools in North Queensland spearheaded by the music department of Tully State High School. Topology worked with students and teachers to create, perform and record songs reflecting on the community in which they live, learn, work and play. The program culminated in a concert attended by over half of the local community.

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