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Topology acknowledges that people living in rural and regional Australia do not have the same access to services as their metropolitan counterparts. Issues of funding, infrastructure, training resources, remoteness, and isolation all impact on their capacity to participate in the arts and develop their own artistic endeavours. In addition, poverty and disadvantage have an impact on all aspects of life, well-being, health, social cohesion and access to education and employment.

Topology’s goal is to provide services to our regional partners to ensure all our regional communities have the same opportunities to access professional support and advise from a large network of creatives, artists and artworkers.


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In the last few years Topology have embedded themselves in the beautiful regional town of Dalby. Within this town is a thriving arts community with so many budding musicians beginning their musical journey. In the lead up to this year’s Delicious & Delightful Festival, Topology worked with students of Dalby’s schools to compose music about their town and the life around them.

These new works were performed at the festival to thousands, igniting a spark for more music creation!

Topology was proud to support the production of the 2022 Dalby Delicious & Delightful Festival alongside the Dalby Welcoming Committee and with support from Festivals Australia.

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