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“You Can Make Some Noise” is a 6 week songwriting workshop series held at the You Can Centre within the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH). The initiative is an extension of the Stairwell Project developed by Jugglers Art Space. In 2023, Jugglers Art Space approached Topology to take over the running of the Stairwell Project and by extension, You Can Make Some Noise. Since July 2023, Topology Musicians Jade Montgomery and John Babbage have been facilitating these sessions with Danny Widdecombe and under the guidance of Jugglers Art Space Director, Peter Breen. 

You Can Make Some Noise is designed to offer a respite to young cancer patients (aged 15-25) receiving treatment at the Cancer Care Centre of RBWH. Through a series of songwriting workshops led by Topology musicians, the project fosters creativity, healing, and self-expression. In 2023-2024 we plan to grow the sustainability of these workshops and secure funding to ensure its ongoing success. 

Cancer treatment can be a challenging and emotionally draining experience for young adults. The “You Can Make Some Noise” project seeks to address the emotional well-being of participants through self-expression and community. 


Project Objectives

  • Provide young cancer patients with a creative outlet during their hospital stay.
  • Foster a sense of community and emotional support among participants.
  • Empower young patients to express their experiences and emotions through songwriting.
  • Produce a collaborative CD that celebrates the achievements of the participants.

Songwriting Workshops

The heart of the “You Can Make Some Noise” project is a series of songwriting workshops facilitated by professional Musicians. These workshops are designed to be accessible to participants with varying musical backgrounds and experiences. Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts, emotions, and stories, which are then transformed into lyrics, melodies, and songs.

Respite from Hospital Life

The project provides a much-needed respite from the challenges and routines of hospital life. It allows young patients to break away from the clinical setting, experience a sense of normalcy, and explore their creativity and artistic potential.



Initiation and Organisation

Jugglers Art Space established the project with funding from Sony in 2022. Sony donated $18,500 in the form of Musical Instruments and equipment which are kept in the You Can Centre permanently. In 2023 with the transition of the Stairwell Project into Topology’s programs, Topology musicians came on board to further deliver the You Can Make Some Noise workshops.

Workshop Structure

The workshops are designed to cater to various degrees of musical experience and are fully co-designed with participants. Participants are given the freedom to express their ideas and feelings through music, under the guidance of experienced musicians. The workshops run in 6 week periods, providing ample time for participants to work at their own pace, build rapport with facilitators, and refine their works. There is a high degree of collaboration between participants and workshop facilitators.


Results and Outcomes

Emotional Well-being

Participants reported a significant improvement in their emotional well-being, with a notable reduction in stress and anxiety. Many expressed that the workshops provided a positive distraction from their medical concerns and a sense of accomplishment at the works produced. 

Community Building

The project successfully created a sense of community among participants. Friendships were formed, and mutual support flourished, enhancing the overall hospital experience. Participants also encouraged each other in performing these works for hospital staff who came to visit the You Can Centre. We hope to facilitate a Christmas Concert in December 2023 for patients who are in the wards over the Christmas period and for hospital staff, family, and friends to come and hear the works performed in the You Can Centre. 

Creative Achievements

Throughout the workshops, participants composed a remarkable collection of songs, capturing their individual stories and journeys. Some participants found further creative outlets in producing art inspired by the music written by them and their peers. These compositions are being compiled into a CD that will serve as a lasting testament to their strength and creativity. The QUT Recording Studio have agreed to assist in this, and will be donating some of their time. 



The You Can Make Some Noise project is supported by the Gambling Community Benefit Fund and Arts Queensland.