“Free of gimmicks, this music is lush, infectious, upbeat and accessible, yielding tunes that pop into your mind all day, but it’s also seriously demanding and rewarding, a difficult balance but well achieved.” Real Time


A collection of new works composed and/or curated by Robert Davidson, who conducted the performances and co-produced the recording. The album focuses on approaches to machine models of composition, inspired by Charles Babbage’s 1820s proto-computer, the mechanical Difference Engine. Compositions by Robert Davidson, John Babbage, and Lynette Lancini are interpreted by Davidson with his quintet Topology, assembling a distinctive Australian musical sound and style that departs from a post-minimalist context towards polystylistic hybrid composition, incorporating compositional, performance and presentation aspects from a range of genres, including various streams of jazz, Carnatic (South Indian) rhythm, baroque music, indie rock and contemporary chamber music.


1-4. Centaur (Lynette Lancini)

5. X174 (John Babbage)

6-7. Exterior (Robert Davidson)

8-10. Difference Engine (John Babbage)

$20 Each