A compilation that meditatively traverses the first 20 years of Topology. 20 tracks handpicked from 20 years of repertoire. The music maps a journey of career highlights, fan favourites, key collaborations, pieces from deep in the archives that haven’t been performed since release, and a few unreleased tracks including a LIVE recording of Lost At Sea from a 2011 performance of Expressions Dance Company’s “R&J” and the first physical release of Evolution from Dead Puppet Society’s “Argus”


  1. Tyalgum I
  2. Generations
  3. Strata I
  4. Chop Chop
  5. Love Scene
  6. Round Roads
  7. Five Minutes From Machine
  8. X174 9. MLK
  9. Millennium Bug CD
  10. Static
  11. Tumult
  12. Dance of the Pleiades
  13. The Dismissal
  14. Difference Engine II
  15. Evolution
  16. Lost at Sea
  17. Going Equipped
  18. Above Ground III
  19. Illumination/Right One

$17 Each