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Friday 19 June, 2020

Topology today releases their 16th album, WE WILL RISE, reflecting upon the need for resilience and collective recovery and healing during this time of hardship across the world.

The 10-track concept EP, We Will Rise, curated from back catalogue signature compositions and featuring Topology’s newest release Drought Stories – Texas, reflects Topology artists’ contemporary concerns. We Will Rise has thematic links to the existential threat of climate disruption and the need for strength, hope, fortitude and resilience in order for recovery and collective healing to commence on the back of traumatic natural events and a global viral pandemic.

The quintet have, for over two decades, used their signature compositions as artistic and social commentary, reflecting and highlighting important socio-political beats, both micro and macro, that require further thought, discussion, investigation or rigour.

Armed with a deep belief that music plays an important role to inspire and nurture during difficult times, Topology have utilised famous political speeches, micro-doc interviews and multi-media works to discuss a wide range of topics including love, drought, climate disruption, homelessness, misogyny and much more.

Topology Creative Director, Christa Powell (violin) said of the album release “At certain times in our lives we are faced with a unique situation where we need to take stock and reflect. This was a time for us as a group to consider both collectively and individually, what we care about right now.”

"This assembly of tracks, both old and new, asserts our belief in optimism and the faith that we will pull through these times of crisis both individually, together and through the healing power of music."

“Rush (Track Number 6) is a perfect musical metaphor for this – one instrument, five musicians, ten hands all working together.”

The EP and sheet music for each track is now available for purchase online.

BUY & STREAM ALBUM | We Will Rise is available, Friday 19 June on all digital platforms including:

TOPOLOGY | John Babbage (Co-Artistic Director, Composer/Saxophone), Dr Robert Davidson (Co- Artistic Director, Composer/Bass), Christa Powell (Creative Director, Violin), Bernard Hoey (Viola), Therese Milanovic (Piano).

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