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3 March 2020

Topology and Dalby’s Delicious & DeLIGHTful Festival Announce their 2020 Collaboration and Seek Local Community Engagement

Topology and Dalby’s Delicious & DeLIGHTful Festival are pleased to announce a unique collaboration engaging local community and culminating in a live celebratory Showcase performance at Anderson Park as part of the Festival program on the evening of Saturday 15 August.

John Babbage, principal virtuoso musician and composer, and other exemplary Topology musicians and educators are set to return with their unique expertise to Dalby. On 26-28 June, Topology will host a Creative and Backstage Bootcamp in addition to a series of 13 creative workshops which will commence this month and run through to August.

Topology and Dalby’s Delicious & DeLIGHTful Festival are seeking interest from local community groups and individuals who would like to take part in the series. Topology’s six-month creative agenda in Dalby will bring together community partners and individual participants, including school students and community groups, who will collaborate with Topology across the workshops and Bootcamps to create a community event celebrating Dalby’s uniqueness. This event will be a 45-minute live showcase performance on 15 August as part of the Festival program.

Announcing the partnership, Creative Director Christa Powell said, “We are thrilled to partner this year with Dalby’s Delicious & DeLIGHTful Festival. The Showcase performance will be a splendid opportunity to promote local talent and artistry borne of the creative workshops and Boot Camps.”

We are very excited to be working with Topology in 2020 to produce Dalby - it’s the People Celebration. It gives us an amazing opportunity to celebrate Dalby's greatest asset - its people." - Beth Woods, Dalby Delicious & DeLIGHTful - Festival Committee Member

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(Disclaimer: Since the time of publishing, this festival had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the government restrictions around live performances. Topology will resume this collaboration with the Dalby Delicious and DeLIGHTful Festival in 2021.)